this basically gives new blogger an easy chance to get access and make money online.. This is one of many things that merchants can review when affiliates apply to their program. Since this isn’t the format of the actual affiliate links you’d get from the ShareASale interface, our guess is that it was not a true click by a real user. Enjoy! The ShareASale platform tracks “unique” hits, where a single user who clicks the same link in a several-hour timespan is counted as 1 hit instead of multiple. In other words, these are most likely false alarms. On ShareASale, if a merchant chooses to cut commission rates, an affiliate can move on and find another partner on the network that better rewards their efforts. Keep a pulse on your program with real-time insights into performance data, affiliate partner activity, and personalized program diagnostics. You can Create ShareASale Account here.It is completely FREE.If you have a decent blog, your blog will be approved easily These are the best marketing programs that will help you to earn a decent affiliate income and some offer recurring commissions also. Some social media platforms may not offer the option to grab the URL for your account directly through the app. If you want to sell your product, you can join as a merchant or if you want to sell someone else product, Then just join as a Shareasale Affiliate. If you are experiencing this issue, please go back and make sure you have entered a website or social platform URL during Step 2 or the application process. If you do not have one, don’t worry. About: Create videos in minutes with Animoto's easy video maker. ShareASale charges a setup fee of $550 to jointhe merchandiser program. As a 6-figure affiliate marketer, I understand the power of blogging for passive income. This is a very popular program for those the teach how to build websites on the WordPress platform, Developers, Hosts and anyone in the blogging space. Affiliate Site Example: Slaying Social. Before proceeding further, I assume you already have a ShareASale account. ShareASale is a great network for an affiliate marketer. If you cannot offer higher commissions than your competitors, do not despair! Their program is in Shareasale, they have a dedicated affiliate team, and you can earn up to $891 per sale! Sign up at Shareasale for better Affiliate commissions . In this section, affiliates can enter in a description of your site and include marketing plans to let merchants know how you plan to promote their program. Earning a real income with ShareASale affiliate program is not difficult as compared to other networks. We cover lots of important information, including getting started, searching for merchants, how payments work, which reports are most helpful, and even an introduction into some of our favorite tools. Yes, you are more than welcome to apply with your social media account. On ShareASale, if a merchant chooses to cut commission rates, an affiliate can move on and find another partner on the network that better rewards their efforts. the page it was clicked from by a user) we would recommend ignoring the entry. Visit ShareASale Website. You can also obtain the all your merchants’ contact information by selecting MERCHANTS > DOWNLOAD YOUR MERCHANT LIST. The Best Way to Choose Your Blog’s Domain Name, Say it with a Sock LLC (Sock of the Month Club), 7shifts Scheduling Software for Restaurants, Ridge Runner Outdoors llc / Old Glory Safe Co, InsightQuote DBA WarehousingandFulfillment, Bonus with number of conversions each month, Load Balanced Fault-Tolerant High-Availability Architecture. Taxes: how do I submit a tax form electronically? Click on the Commission Rates tab to see the full details. I’ve never had that issue with ShareASale, and my acceptance rate … Choosing the right ShareASale Affiliate Program can be less challenging when you find a product that suits your audience and search for the conversion metrics and commissions that work for you. Lead Commission: $0.01. This is an affiliate program most food bloggers should consider. Small Rig. I am thrilled to be sharing information about Shareasale with you today. You’ll make a minimum of $100 per sale, they say! Basically, it’s outperforming 70% of other affiliate programs on ShareASale. What type of services does ShareASale offer as a platform? For the most part, the same or virtually similar products available on Amazon are likely to be sold in a store outside of Amazon. How and when do I get paid for my promotional efforts? Then you can make a more informed decision. in order to copy the URL for your account. If you don’t see a link you recognize putting on your site, and there’s no referrer (i.e. Open up a new tab and paste the link into your browser. When you reach the section requiring a signature, simply type your name into the space provided as this will qualify as a verified digital signature – a hand-written signature is not necessary. If you have questions regarding a specific payout, it is best to contact them directly. Getting started on ShareASale. WP Engine pays out a massive $200 per referral or the total of the first month’s customer payment (whichever is higher). The Fanatics Affiliate Program. With new regulations and privacy acts, having a privacy policy is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Canva is a graphic-design tool that helps people create images, … This is far and away the most common cause for invalid links. Generally, all transactions “lock” on the 20th of the month and include transactions from the month prior, however, the lock date is customized for each program and determined by the merchant. Choosing an affiliate product to promote can be a daunting task. Even though money matters, there are still ways to bring your program into the spotlight and convince publishers to give you a chance. Our technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency and accuracy - and our reputation as a fair and honest business is well known within the industry. What is better ShareASale or CJ Affiliate? Also, it may take up to 3 business days for your application to … Here’s the math: (Commission Earned/Clicks) x 100. You will use the first code and copy it exactly as it appears into the area of your website that accepts HTML code. Sale Commission: $45.00. Read more about our response to the recent Amazon announcement. You can determine which is the case by going to MERCHANTS > MERCHANT STATUS and finding the relevant merchant program. To receive our latest news and email communications, please opt-in to our Blog Newsletter below. Hi! Fanatics specializes in licensed sports apparel. Before you decide on ShareASale (or any affiliate program for that matter), it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully. They Offer: You can earn $100 per sale with 60-day Cookie, Earn 50% commission with an average of $49.80. ShareASale provides assistance with the tools and features within our platform that you will need to be successful with your affiliate channel efforts. Unlike on Berush, earn up to $200 per paid conversions with the SEMrush affiliate program hosted on ShareASale (one-time commission). Different platforms count “hits” differently – meaning how it accounts for multiple requests from a single user and how it accounts for bot traffic in the reporting and performance data. Here are a few ways bloggers can make money with affiliate marketing through ShareASale Affiliate programs: Try to sign up for programs that pay a lot in terms of commission rate. You might consider a website program. ShareASale takes 20% of that income. Commissions: Domains (registrations/transfers) 20%: Hosting Packages (Stellar, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers plans) 35%: SSL Certificates: 35%: Private Email: 20%: PremiumDNS: 20%: Apps: 0%: … Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month for all locked transactions. Home » Affiliate Marketing » Affiliate Networks » ShareASale Affiliate Network. The following affiliate programs offer pay per lead incentives. We suggest you to consult a tax professional for any questions related to your tax form. ShareASale merchants have full control over their program activities, rules, approval strategy, and even their commission structure. There is great opportunity for publishers to still generate substantial income with affiliate marketing and promote the same or similar products by working directly with the merchant via a different affiliate network like Awin or ShareASale, which in most instances can offer longer cookie lengths and higher commission rates. You can do so by simply clicking on your home page alert or by going to ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > TAX ID. AOV: $79.70. Canva. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and can be as quick as matching their features in a table like the one below. There are over 3900+ merchants who offer bloggers and marketers to promote their products and earn a commission. Bonus campaigns can be an easy way to add a little bit of extra money to your account… provided the merchant offering the bonus campaign fits with your niche! This diversified partnership approach mitigates the risk of all network affiliate efforts and commissions being cut at once. Learn more and join the AppSumo affiliate program. our response to the recent Amazon announcement. I added them high on this list because of their high commission percentage and helpful affiliate team. In contrast, most commissions for the ShareASale affiliate program start at 10% and go up, with some going as high as 80%. Contact your merchant partners by going to ACCOUNT > MANAGE/LEAVE PROGRAMS > CONTACT or by watching our tutorial. Our client services are free of cost and provide proper guidance and support to help you navigate the interface. ShareASale has been in business for 16 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. One of reasons why I started using ShareASale was because I found that it was easier for me to be accepted to promote the products that I wanted to promote. Under ‘Account Activity’ will be your total number of raw clicks for. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well. An activation fee of $650 is required for affiliates. AppSumo is a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services. A FEW TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR AFFILIATE SALES WITH SHAREASALE AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Sale Commission: $200.00. You will copy the first code exactly as it appears into your website. 5. URL: Art of Tea affiliates. In contrast, most commissions for the ShareASale affiliate program start at 10% and go up, with some going as high as 80%. Commission Junction, or CJ as they refer to themselves these days, is one of the largest affiliate platforms outside of Amazon. is one of the top free generators of Privacy Policies for websites and apps. They have a very aggressive pay per sale affiliate program ranging from 35% to $200. Now shareasale is a big affiliate marketing program with over 4000 merchants registered into the program. Choosing the right ShareASale Affiliate Program can be less challenging when you find a product that suits your audience and search for the conversion metrics and commissions that work for you. This would require extreme creativity in promoting blog posts, videos and other landing pages that eventually lead the customer to the product rather than driving leads directly to a landing page promoting the product itself. When deciding what your affiliate commission rate should be, think long-term and, as advised above, make sure you won’t have to cut down commissions later. The formula for this is (Commission Earned/Clicks) x 100. Affiliate software/network: ShareASale; 19. If a merchant doesn’t properly fund their ShareASale account to pay their affiliates, their account goes temporarily offline until they deposit more funds into their account. ShareASale is an affiliate network. Another advantage of the new SEMrush affiliate program is that it uses a last-click attribution model. Rest assured, we are actively working on removing a lot of the “noise” from the Invalid Links report. This makes it a credible network for people looking to build a long-term career in affiliate marketing. Well, ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network which is located in Chicago, Illinois. Knowing what the cost per click for a product averages, can help you determine your own ad spend if you are running a pay per click campaign for your offer. Shareasale works as an intermediator for both merchants and bloggers. This metric is provided as a … To get links go to LINKS (at the top of the homepage) > GET A LINK / BANNER. Since they make the final decision as to who they want to work with and accept into their program, it is best to contact the merchant directly. In order to verify that your links are working correctly please follow the below steps: What is the difference between Raw vs. 19. Other Affiliate Networks. Sale Commission: 25.00%. Once you are on this page click Get Links under the merchant program you would like to promote. Once they do, you … You can do so by clicking the “Edit” link in the ACCOUNT DETAILS box on the left side of the page. Commission Rate Greater Than; Two-tier Program; I can easily find programs that will automatically approve my application, with the commission amount I want, an EPC that proves I’ll make long-term cash, and the possibility of being paid for referrals made by sub-affiliates. Sometimes clicks can happen when a bot or web crawler visits your site to index it, or even when you add a link to social media that previews it by following the URL. When a blogger sells any affiliate product, they will earn a decent commission on that. Merchant referral – You can make money just by getting merchants to sign up. This blog does not represent ShareASale or its brands and all information should be verified. Affiliates generally earn a commission (or cost) per sale, per lead, (CPL) or per action (CPA) and sometimes multiple. Go through the ShareASale affiliate programs to know more about the commission models these programs follow, commission rates offered by different merchants, affiliate support and training and beyond. ShareASale's Top Affiliate Programs 1. I created Ballen Blogger because I love testing, proving, and teaching digital marketing strategies. How do I make sure my links are tracking properly? The bottom line, the EPC gives you an expectation as to how much the product pays out on average per click. You can do this by going to REPORTS > MERCHANT SUMMARY >CONTACT or click here to watch our short tutorial on how to contact your merchant partners. They provide very good customer service, efficient tools, and accurate reporting. If your program got declined by a merchant, you can also reach out to them to request more insight into why your application was declined. That’s often why we see products on ClickBank that offer commission rates of 50-70%. There are two merchant marketing models to earn money with ShareASale: Pay Per Lead - You get paid every time a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant’s lead capture form and fully completes it. If you're in the sports niche, this would be a logical Merchant to promote if you're at all involved with the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, UFC, MLS or NASCAR. 7 Day Conversion Rate: 15.56%. Raw clicks will be recorded at the top of the Today At a Glance report while unique clicks are shown at the bottom. There are different reasons why an affiliate link can be invalid and they are listed in your Invalid Links Report, which you can find by going to REPORTS > INVALID LINKS. For short links, create a custom link and choose the option to ‘Get Short Link.’  Please keep in mind that ShareASale never recommends the use of third party link shorteners such as Other Top Affiliate Programs. Lead Commission: $45.00. With shareasale though, I was able to find one merchant who snugly fits what I do, have better pricing for my readers and will offer me better commission rates. For Custom Links or Deep links, go to LINKS > CREATE A CUSTOM LINK TO A PAGE.