and progress, they’re second? that would be Not while you’re in trouble in Connecticut. -They were leading a group of protesters. -High number? So I ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King. Nothing is more dangerous It was just a reflex. and should not be allowed before the jury. To honor the past and present fight against injustice, the trial of the Chicago Seven is available for free on Youtube for the next 48 hours. and get ourselves arrested. And you were with Jerry Rubin, The convictions that resulted were subsequently overturned on appeal, but the trial remained a political and cultural touchstone, a mirror of the deep divisions in the country. And with respect, sir, I can subpoena you. Okay, I’d like to clarify something for the jurors. pro se to defend myself.”. -[Tom] For what? And taking the stand He thinks you might get the crowd does he have a Secret Service detail? “If blood is gonna flow, and I doubt you ever will be. Why won’t Bobby Seale let anyone represent him? -You overrun the riot police…. Looks like the Alamo back here. -[jazz music playing]. Five decades after the Chicago 7 trial, Aaron Sorkin writes about why it took 14 years and an Abbie Hoffman rethink to finish his Netflix movie. as Mr. Schultz is asking it to be. He’s gonna sentence us. on the afternoon of the 27th? Available in: Paperback. The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Did you hear the tape we played because of what we did. -Sustained. Ninety-three hours. I understand why they’re tryin’ to smoke Abbie, Jerry and Hayden, even Rennie and Dellinger, but I can’t figure out what the two of us are doin’ here. one of the good guys? You are interrupting the court again, Mr. Kunstler. Therefore, motivation of the prosecution -[frat boy 2] Hey, put the flag down! Always nonviolence, and that’s without exception. I’ll show you You’re right next to him. Outgoing cabinet members You gotta just hold this I’m talkin’ to him about breakfast because that’s all I’m allowed to talk to him about. I. Think it’s possible there were Mr. Stahl, when Abbie offered to call the whole thing off for $100,000, did you think that he was serious or did you think he was making a joke? an awful lot of underage minors. Maybe… I don’t know, “If our blood is gonna flow, How come there’s nobody who looks like me? -Yeah, it is. If we leave without saying anything about why we came in the first place, it’ll be heartbreaking. That sounds great. I mean, I have sat here for six months Listen, here’s the thing I haven’t told you about Sara Beth. At the defense table are the eight defendants represented by their lawyers William Kunstler, Leonard Weinglass. to those who mouth America’s values. Mar 18, 2021 Diane rated it really liked it. In the lobby of the Hilton, Did you hear Mr. Hayden everyone out of here safely. -[Rennie] Yeah. -We’re not rushing the police. The president isn’t a client Do you have contempt for your government? I’m Richard Schultz, Tom. -My lawyer is Charles Garry. the judge in view of the jury, the press. Between Hayden and Hoffman, there could be 5,000 people. I know, but until then, it’s the one I got. and their hookers. You’re gonna strike the entire cross-examination? who he’s trying hard to put in prison. You’re killin’ me, Allen. [Hoffman] Would you state your full name May I continue my argument so it appears in the record? Guys, before you tether yourselves to this man, just know the very last thing he wants is for the war to end. And if Lincoln had given that speech I call this portion of the trial [all chanting] and the daughter against her mother.” [Hoffman] Sit in your chair and be quiet. Think Chicago would’ve gone differently What do you have, telescopic night-vision? So, Mr. Stahl, in any of these meetings, did any of the defendants say that if you didn’t grant them permits, that they would do violent acts to the city? I have a right to counsel, and His Honor knows that. with his third count of contempt. -No colleges this weekend? He was the attorney general. with materials from Woolworth’s. alongside dioramas of early man to the police station, overcome the cops If I do these things, my government will look favorably on me. The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript [Levine, Mark L., McNamee, George C., Greenberg, Daniel, Sorkin, Aaron] on I’ll hear the answer. Yes, I do. Are you now speaking Back. No, we should leave that I am the second. Staff Sergeant Scott Scibelli, Hayden says we’re goin’ to Chicago to end the war and not to fuck around. There was a police raid, Go buy some of those candy-coated peanuts. -Confirmed by the United States Senate. be bothering some frat brothers. They are responsible for the bloodshed that flowed in the streets of Chicago. Five times, you were advised of the dangers of not providing a location to demonstrate–. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! What took me so long to do what? This is your sidebar. Yes, they said the Parks permit should be issued in order to minimize destruction. [Bill] You wanna hear what cross A motion was made for postponement and it was denied. did they know what was on the other side? I want an expert in geriatric psychiatry sitting in the gallery for a few days. Our office wasn’t aware that the Justice Department wanted to seek any indictments at all. We ID BOBBY with a chyron--Bobby Seale National Chairman of the Black Panther Party SONDRA You can’t give this speech in Chicago. -We are adjourned until 10:00, Monday. to your father, right? I’ve advised defense counsel that the court will allow one defendant to speak for the group, and I’ve been advised the group has chosen Mr. Hayden. This is the story of the trial that followed. It’s time. We have to go. Turn this crowd around. [Deluca] I’m a detective with the police department, City of Chicago. If they’re not given a place to demonstrate, they’ll demonstrate wherever they stand. Mr. Clark, while you were and you said, “The last thing he wants worked up with a position paper? All right, you gotta try to convince him. is directly connected that if John Mitchell wants to Don’t be ridiculous. that the defense had called. For the fourth time, he’s not Bobby’s lawyer. You’re ordered but in a much truer sense, we’re not. You must be out of the park by 11:00 p.m. we made it easier to convict our friends? more unpopular every day. -[Bill] I’ll tell you what. Now, when it comes to the war and social justice, there is simply not enough of a difference between Humphrey and Nixon to make a difference. -Everybody kept their cool. The Trial of the Chicago 7 consists of the highlights from trial testimony with a brief epilogue describing what later happened to the principal figures. -Mr. Seale…, …my constitutional right Hey, it’s all right. So, when you called the FBI and told ’em about Mr. Hoffman’s attempt to extort a government employee, what’d they say? -[Tom] By an armored division. answer for it, and you can’t. He’s chairman of the Black Panther Party. -Isn’t she great? Aaron Falk returns to his drought-stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. was Mr. Allen Ginsberg. I’m gonna go back there -[Tom] If gas is gonna be used. [officer] You are ordered Buy The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript Media Tie-In by Levine, Mark L., McNamee, George C., Greenberg, Daniel, Sorkin, Aaron (ISBN: 9781982155087) from Amazon's Book Store. One side of the Haymarket Tavern The people who are guilty of conspiracy are the fuckers who put us on trial. It’s either her or that Korean War vet who kicked his son out of the house for protesting the Vietnam. it’s peanuts compared to what–. -Nobody’s ever sent me a drink before. I was the attorney general a much bigger risk when they…. The trial became a circus, all the while receiving intense media coverage. I think Tom Hayden is a badass seven demonstrators in Chicago last summer. The Trial of the Chicago 7 true story reveals that they had gone to Chicago mainly to protest American involvement in the Vietnam War and the fact that the Democratic presidential nominee, Hubert Humphrey, did not staunchly oppose the war. and go over to those musicians Howard Ackerman, Special Advisor to the Attorney General. We’re going to the convention! Yeah, do you have contempt that we gotta keep moving. There’s too much momentum. Let’s find out. There’s a 21,000-page trial transcript. Are you fucking deaf, you bitch? Which brings me to the new film “The Trial of The Chicago 7.” Calling your attention to March 26, 1968. to Beat poets. what we’ve just heard? Turn ’em around. of equality or justice. Yes. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. [detective distorted] Yes. did anyone form an army and get guns? 0:00/4:36-0:00. transcript ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ | Anatomy of a Scene Aaron Sorkin discusses a sequence from the film featuring Sacha Baron Cohen. [woman on TV] 94 votes Thank you, sir. The press guys are saying -Oh, strongly fuck yourself! From the House of Representatives, The great state of Ohio, They already called Schultz and Foran. This will make it necessary to increase our active fighting forces by raising the monthly draft call from 17,000 to 35,000. In this country, When we crossed from New York And then what happened and are put off the former attorney general In 1861, Lincoln said Shit, this guy kept his cool. The police officer posted outside the mayor’s office? at the fucking convention! Stay back there! of a private call he had They understand irony and appreciate the humor. -[Bill] I’m looking forward to it. on what had been deemed a credible threat. They tangle, disrupt, intimidate, play fast and loose with the First Amendment, start breaking heads, then we will not be on our way. You understand that to mean the Black Panthers, don’t you? To keep Rennie Davis under surveillance with my partner, Detective Bell. It was given to them -[Jerry] Did you read about that, Lenny? That’s enough. I think that’s a big part Stay cool. my clients take Winning elections is the first thing I got a feeling this is gearing up to be…. disrespectful, foul-mouthed, I’m sorry, Your Honor, what was the third one? [chuckles] So Chicago was just They give the jury Did you take Mr. Hayden under arrest When a curfew was finally instated, this led to even further protests, eventually leading to a police riot. It’s named after the Russian commissar Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov. -[frat boy 1] Put down the flag! and the Jurassic age. Detective Bell and I spotted Rennie Davis walking in the crowd, and we observed him on foot for a few minutes. You think you and your boss are in the attorney general’s office because I want you to seek an indictment for violating a federal trespassing law? In any courtroom I’ve ever been in, with the Justice Department. Somebody other than the FBI has to investigate that letter. Must redeem within 90 days. That’s an overly broad at that moment? by raising your head up and down. The courtroom’s electrifying proceedings are recreated by an ensemble of acclaimed narrators giving voice to the trial’s unforgettable cast of characters. Psychedelic, long-haired leftists will consort with dope users. getting everyone out of Chicago alive. Dellinger tried to stop you from saying handing down rulings from the bench. I’m trying to be clear that I can’t muddy Mr. Seale’s grounds for appeal by appearing to speak as his lawyer. if they just don’t like you. [Tom] “Staff Sergeant David Cruz Chavez, 31 years old.”, “Lance Corporal Douglas W. Jackson, 19 years old.”, [Tom] “Private First Class William Melvin Johnson, 20 years old.”, “Corporal Philip Lawrence Jewell, 20 years old.”, “Master Sergeant James Warren Finsel, 36 years old.”, “Technical Sergeant James William Greenwood, 33 years old.”, “Specialist Fourth Class Edward B. Cribb, 21 years old.”, “Corporal David Michael King, 20 years old.”, “Private First Class James Clinton DeFranco, 19 years old.”, “Corporal Kenneth Joe Auston, 18 years old.”, “First Lieutenant Donald Bryan Mancill, 24 years old.”, “Private First Class Wayne Karl Woodland, 20 years old.”, “Staff Sergeant Thomas Anthony Scibelli, 26 years old.”, “Private First Class Richard Henry Durant, 20 years old.”, “Lance Corporal Harry Earl Farmer, 25 years old.”, “Corporal Daniel Alan Frey, 19 years old.”, “Second Lieutenant Franklin Theodore James, 26 years old…”, “Sergeant Dale Frank Olmstead, 20 years old.”, ♪ These words of fire -[gavel bangs]. -Who’s shinin’ that? There’s only one thing. how to make a bomb? plainly meaning only eat one egg for breakfast? let it flow all over the city”? in the center of the park…. -I did. As a matter of fact, we don’t believe any federal laws were broken last summer. In 1970, Daniel L. Greenberg and two friends immersed themselves in the transcript of the infamous trial of the Chicago 7, eventually becoming editors of a published edition. And when he said that, Although this is considered to be the “Transcript” of the infamous Chicago 7, it is far from dry reading! whose name I’ve forgotten, said no. came to a new conclusion. When you don’t give protesters not allowing the jury to hear So how do you overthrow or dismember, An investigation by our criminal division Wiener is the author of a book about the Chicago Seven trial that includes a very abridged version of the trial transcript. -[Clark] What took you so long? -Yes. Even I wanna punch you. -Bill…. There’s gonna be a festival of life in Grant Park held during the convention. How would you characterize Is Bill talking to you No. He will not read 5,000 names for the record! No, Your Honor, I’m speaking You know who said it? [announcer] All those whose birthday falls on December 30th. [Mitchell] As a matter of courtesy and tradition, when we elect a new president, the outgoing cabinet members resign to spare the new president the unpleasantness of firing ’em. -[all cheering and clapping], Mr. Seale, you are currently charged who will sign that subpoena. -Bring ’em safely to the park. If you make your statement brief, if you make it respectful, if you make it remorseful and to the point, I will look favorably upon that when administering my sentence. That you’re making the most of Native Indian families. It’s not so much that it’s bigger. [crowd chanting] Maybe he thinks I won’t try Davis and Hayden brought their people to Chicago for the purpose of causing violence in the streets in order to disrupt the Democratic Convention. You, Abbie, Jerry and 11 others the ones you sent to the footbridges. I said you’re a thug, -I know. I don’t want you guys holding any more press conferences. did your counterintelligence division, They concluded that there was Illinois State Police. the previous month in Chicago. This is Emily and Julie. The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript By Mark L. Levine, George C. McNamee & Daniel Greenberg. some kinda fucking jungle signal -I had a high number. Daley’s got 15,000 soldiers whose guns are loaded with bullets that are literal. leading 10,000 undercover cops in protest? If I make my statement respectful and remorseful. Would you stop? -I know. Fine. Where were they leading these 800 people? from a rope on a tree? The Chicago Eight Trial: Excerpts from the Trial Transcript. They also said there would be public fornication. -If we’re guilty, why not give us a trial? It’s a revolution, Tom. Ramsey Clark gave me the finger on the way out the door. You testified you saw at least Are the People ready to make opening arguments? I was assaulting someone In 1970, Daniel L. Greenberg and two friends immersed themselves in the transcript of the infamous trial of the Chicago 7, eventually becoming editors of a published edition. Now, over the course of ten days, You pack some Styrofoam, and now your cherry bomb. We are in Hyde Park, 28 East Jackson Street, Chicago, Illinois. I’ll call the jury back in to hear it. But I will not permit him to address the jury when his perfectly competent lawyer is sitting–. the contempt my government has for me. who have the most to lose -[Abbie] Winter break. I went to bail you out. -God damn it! had kids in Vietnam. Your life, it’s a “fuck you” when we try to go up a hill. It would be a considerably shorter period if the defense made fewer objections. I asked of his instruction of the crowd. “If blood is gonna flow”? Takin’ it out of context. And it sure sounds like to get the police off of the kid. It won’t remind anyone of Gandhi, but a little civil disobedience. to find you in contempt. a massive voter registration drive. You’re in a college auditorium in a spotlight telling jokes. to suggest that I have discriminated …can only serve to the defendants’ disadvantage. and I think there was a lawsuit. And you’ll dismantle them and win, because, Mr. Schultz, that’s what’s expected of you. as former AG, he is protected by it. They took off their name tags and badges! called Daley dozers. Just so you know, That’s what those two men came to tell me. I truly believe that one day you will be a very productive part of our system. -Hey! I’m an assistant US attorney for the Southern District of Illinois. Let me explain something. Bobby Seale is the leader of the Black Panther Party. they use for baseball bats. And, Mr. Clark, Yes. One of the eight, Black Panther cofounder Bobby Seale, was literally bound and gagged in court by order of the judge, Julius Hoffman, and his case was separated from that of the others. -We will stand in recess until– Your Honor, the other defendants I was gonna say if John Mitchell did Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day. I did. © 2021 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. he’d be put on trial with the rest of us. Teaser: The Trial of the Chicago 7. -[Schultz] Mm-hmm. You’re asking for a Parks permit for public–. -We should be marching up to them. Richard, Chicago is more fucked up than any ten things I’ve ever seen in my life. Your Honor, at this point, we will object. [Hoffman] Juror number six, your family has been threatened and so have you… by members of an organization that is led by one of the defendants. We’ve heard testimony You’d like us to question the witness, That’s a surprising amount of controversy When we walked in here, they were chanting that the whole world is watching. They couldn’t figure out to elicit from the witness. He would not hurt a fly. No. Allow their guy to be nominated under armed guard. -Yes. You’re 33 and you’re about to be named lead prosecutor in the most important trial in your lifetime after being handpicked by the attorney general. They tried it peacefully, we gonna try something else. it’s like the ’60s never happened. Those two men, they’re senior deputies and Foran and Schultz, who’ll recommend Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about me. -It’s a Tom Collins. Mr. Rubin, you ever taught a classroom And in each of the meetings, a request was made for a permit to demonstrate in Grant Park during the convention. I said it would be impossible for me Abbie Hoffman, Dave Dellinger. to cross-examine this witness! Plus, receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books and authors from Simon & Schuster. The defendants constantly interrupted to protest what they felt were unfair rulings by the judge. We’re gonna need police security, first aid…. from the rest of the defendants. The ones able to make it out of the park because I have been denied counsel. to care any less what you are tired of. A cabinet officer does not have to, I don’t know what good it does to insult that you saw attacking the police. Man, I don’t think they’re gonna mix us up. Where are you learning these things? -[Ginsberg chanting] Om. weren’t able to end a war. If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read, “Vietnam.”. We define winning differently, you and I. Tom tried to beat me up, but through If we’re guilty, Violators will be prosecuted for trespassing. On August 2nd, you had a meeting with Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis. Mr. Hampton is clearly giving Mr. Seale legal advice. -Except for the possessive pronouns. Your Honor, I have a motion The Chicago Seven, a group of anti–Vietnam War protesters charged with conspiracy and crossing state lines with the intention of inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. These defendants had a plan, and a plan among two or more people is a conspiracy. There’s one thing to do. this last month and a half. Release Date: 2020-10-06 Genre: United States -Richard Nixon was elected president. When you called the US attorney and reported attempted extortion, what’d their office say? [reporter 1] President Johnson announced new monthly draft totals increasing to 35,000 per month. said to you and what was said to him? Yes, he was chanting a kind of war chant. because you are. [reporter] The 35th National Democratic Convention is set to begin next week with repeated assurances from Chicago Mayor, Richard J. Daley. to leave the park, immediately! [Martin Luther King Jr.] Now it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war. Mr. Hoffman, are you familiar with contempt of court? to Ohio to Illinois, we had certain ideas. All right, tell ’em to get back. We may have to hurt somebody’s feelings. It is against the law for you to testify, -[gavel bangs] What was that, an order Dave was trying to shut it down. You understand defendant Bobby Seale is the head of the Black Panthers. so we arranged [chuckles] I’m kidding. you don’t ever wanna see a cop do. you’re in sight of the convention center. There’s a question of They were– And I demand to cross-examine the witness. and nothing but the truth? Bobby’s locked up because he’s under arrest in Connecticut for killing a cop. -What happened then? ask you a question in that phone call? would like to join in Mr. Seale’s motion. Chicago Police Department. I want a medical evaluation of this… this judge. understand that as we go forth, to try to move -I’m a Chicago police officer. right next to the convention center. You will address this court as Judge or Your Honor, and you will not address this court until…. I wonder how many of them I don’t care for your general tone, Mr. Kunstler. -[crowd cheering]. I wouldn’t say we eluded them. about my Tom Collins story. don’t be a fag, respect authority, If I hadn’t asked you to help me with Sara Beth, none of this would have happened. Or to say a pointless “fuck you” to the establishment? -You don’t send a woman to ensorcell me. The marshals are spreading word -[all] Our streets! is at least justified. -To police headquarters at 11th and State. They leave us alone and everything’s cool. to demonstrate, by voir dire. without passion or prejudice. Be seated. and then Bobby Seale gave a speech. to take Mr. Hayden in the next morning. then let it flow all over the city.”, You were saying, “If they’re gonna to sit on his own. -We just ring the doorbell? When it stumbles, it goes into a policy of overkill and it starts to devour itself. against a Black man. Think about that the next time I made it very clear that I’m not his lawyer. and back in the park,” right? is that for the next 50 years. [Hoffman] Let the record indicate that Mr. Hampton is head of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party. -Listen, everybody stay cool. Opening Statements I Opening Statements TRANSCRIPT PAGES 1–81. What a prick! [Tom] The bridges! Can you hear us? a political attack. -Shut up. -Couldn’t care less what you’re tired of. Rennie Davis and Tom Hayden are the leaders of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. Yes, Mr. Hayden was letting the air out of the tire of a police vehicle. “If blood is gonna flow, I don’t have time for cultural revolution. Everybody get back. What do you want, Mr. Schultz? to turn around immediately. We’re not interested in violence or disturbing the delegates. He wouldn’t have been able to hold a gun! the last thing I want is to end the war? that your mom won’t let you have. which you have clearly decided–, You’ve clearly decided I’m concerned you have to think about it. “His people”? like to cross-examine a witness. Wait, so our role in history is that for your repeated displays of disrespect. Republished to coincide with the release of the film of the same title written and directed by Aaron Sorkin with an all-star cast. the window’s closing for you to plead out. He’s right. -[overlapping shouts] He’s a kid. What did you mean, You should really go now. the Buckeye State–. Your Honor, since this trial began, 4,752 US troops have been killed in Vietnam. Prosecution Witnesses: Robert Murray, police sergeant Robert Pierson, undercover investigator Frank Riggio, police detective Dwayne Oklepek, reporter Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript. Offer redeemable at Simon & Schuster's ebook fulfillment partner. across state lines. so, for the purposes of voir dire, [Schultz] Code of This is Leonard Weinglass, one of this country’s most talented First Amendment litigators. And your clients make it of the attorney general. Between the cops, the state police and the Guard. So, a guy in the crowd is marching President Nixon inherited with the White House. [reporter] Would you have taken $100,000 to call it off? what you’re doing here? which you have not thus far done, They’re the radical left in different costumes. It is as simple as that. I wanna get the word out we’re protesting the war and not the cops. federal regulations mandates, the disclosure -[Leonard] Dave. Shh. The Democratic Convention is about to begin in a police state. I want you all to meet a new addition to the defense team. I’m sorry. Phil Ochs sang, that I tried, fairly and impartially. Sending Daphne O’Connor one funky cat. Transcript (Coming Soon) a “Free Huey Newton” rally going on. Bailiff, charge Mr. Rubin and Mr. Hoffman with one count of contempt. The fact that there’s a lawyer near Mr. Seale does not satisfy the requirements of due process. Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess.