Feb 26, 2019 - Explore Kathy Mears's board "trees/shrubs/landscaping ideas" on Pinterest. Teads, the global media platform, has united and is empowering the best publishers in the world to distribute ads to over 1.9 Billion people every month. inRead Carousel Landscape File Type Maximum File Size Slide Image Pixels Accepted Ratio: 1:1 Dimension: 540x540px (Responsive to the page level).jpg .png 200KB per image Width540px (per slide) Device(s) Minimum Number of Slides: 3 Maximum Number of Slides: 8 … inRead Carousel inRead Cinemagraph ... inRead Canvas inRead Flow inRead Scroller Viewable display Des formats qui utilisent les fonctionnalit s du mobile comme un avantage cr atif Viewable video inRead Landscape inRead Square inRead Vertical Notori t Consid ration inRead Video inRead Flow inRead Carousel Conversion Mit inRead Social als Ergänzung zu bestehenden Social-Media-Kampagnen, profitieren Marken von der Reichweite von Teads im Premium-Publisher-Umfeld. Swing- By moving a cursor over the image or tilting a smartphone left to right, users will alter the creative revealing an interactive and engaging experience. Scroller-Transform your landscape or square creatives into an interactive experience. inRead Flow Landscape File Type Maximum File Size Frame Image Pixels Accepted Ratio: 16:9 Dimension: 960x540px Width960px Device(s) Minimum Number of Frames: 3 Height540px.jpg .png 200KB Maximum Number of Frames: 30 1x1 All tags must be SSL only See more ideas about trees and shrubs, plants, trees to plant. Word comes with some useful layouts for viewing your documents in different situations. inRead Carousel inRead Cinemagraph inRead Canvas inRead Swing inRead Flow inRead Scroller Viewable Display Formate, welche mobile Funktionalitäten zum kreativen Vorteil nutzen Viewable Video inRead Landscape inRead Square inRead Vertical Awareness Consideration inRead Video inRead Flow inRead Carousel Conversion Automatische Werbemitteloptimierung Teads, The Global Media Platform, unveils inRead Social, a new product enabling advertisers to extend social media campaign creatives to Teads’ platform of premium publishers.Teads’ inRead Social is designed to be a powerful, frictionless complement to brand’s social media activations. These layouts include a print-friendly layout, a webpage layout, and a new layout as of Word 2013 called “Read Mode” that’s aimed at viewing documents on modern devices such as tablets. Engage audiences with the scroll of a finger. Engage audiences with the scroll of a finger. Material requerido para elaborar la creatividad en GINmedia: Imágenes, logos, editables en PSD o AI, tipografías, concepto de la campaña, bullets y texto para el call to action. InRead Scroller Landscape La creatividad genera alto impacto al presentarse con un efecto parallax. Hol dir die App! Bei den Social Feeds hingegen wird ein schnelleres Scroll-Verhalten beobachtet. By leveraging inRead Social as an extension to existing social campaigns, brands can now benefit … Nachtmodus ein / aus; Grosse Storyschrift ein / aus; Gelesenes markieren ein / aus; Kompaktansicht ein / aus; Startseite; Schweiz; International; Wirtschaft; Sport; Leben Inread Landscape 3 Mo 640x360 px mp4 - VAST 1/2/3 - VPAID 1/2 Advised duration : 15s mobile - 30s desktop X Inread Square 3 Mo 500x500px - 1:1 mp4 - VAST 1/2/3 - ... either by clicking on the closing X or by scrolling to the bottom of the page • Mobile and Tablet Devices : either at the touch on the closing X, or scroll to the bot-tom of the page

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