Twitter specifically called out West for his weeklong social media outbursts and ultimately coming up short at delivery. He shared a tracklist for the album that month, which included a … Cruel Summer may have been a lacklustre album, but it featured some gorgeous artwork by the DONDA collective. Tyga's upcoming album has some royal art courtesy of DONDA. This site uses cookies. "Countdown," "Like Me," "I Fell Good," and "Riot" were the icing atop a cake that's sold 600,000+ copies. Kanye West Reveals Track Listing and Cover of 'Donda' Album. Huge fan of all things LeBron James and NBA. Granted, they were early to that party. The hip-hop heavyweight has shocked the world a day late by delivering his highly-anticipated DONDA album cover. On July 25, one day after the album was scheduled to release, Kanye tweeted the cover art with the following caption: DONDA ALBM CVR. Look forward to its release, soon. DONDA was to be released just six days later, on July 24th 2020. This art was also a GIF, proving DONDA was ahead of the pack, as we've seen more and more artists go the GIF route when releasing art. Kanye West may be making headlines for everything but music of late, but the rapper is looking to re-affix the focus on his creative output. BREAKING: #KanyeWest has revealed the album cover art for ‘DONDA’ . On Wednesday, Florida rapper Plies hit up Twitter with a thought-provoking moment of clarity related to Kanye. Wonder if Drake was just checking in to see if his guy was still a Raptor." Donda was originally set for release in July 2020, although the album has yet to surface. On Saturday, Mr. West hit up Twitter to blow fans’ minds away. -Amaar, "A couple Southern legends, hope Bun B pops up at the upcoming VERZUZ for XSCAPE and SWV in some fashion." He is completely blacked out with just slivers of his eyes showing. “They ONLY Play Crazy When They Got A Album Coming Out!!!! Weezy's 2013 album had a Silence of the Lambs-esque artwork courtesy of DONDA. With two gold chainz placed on top of a black background, it was simple, modern, direct and gangster. Kanye West Reveals ‘DONDA’ Album Cover. That's just one aspect of DONDA. Pictured above is the deluxe version of The Pinkprint. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. RIH." The cover art for the “DONDA” album popped on Saturday 25 July 2020. Kanye West’s upcoming project set to releases on July 24th, but his album “DONDA” didn’t release yesterday and there is no official announcement on the new dates regarding the release. Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West looks like he's on the verge of finally coming through for the fans. in NEWS After missing its supposed release date, Kanye West took to Twitter to unveil the cover art of his upcoming album DONDA. DONDA's vision helped lace Rocky with a debut album cover that was both a nod to his mixtape cover and a commentary on the trendy, VHS-quality that has been blowing up all over the place. a minimalistic take on the donda album by kanye west • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. !” -Plies’ Twitter, Wait…. When 2 Chainz exploded on to the rap scene in 2012, most fans didn't really draw the connection to Tity Boi, the moniker he used for years before scoring all sorts of mainstream success. July 26, 2020. For the second time around, DONDA got real up close and personal with those two chainz and put them against a white background. DONDA: WITH CHILD new album and movie this Friday. by Unfortunately, as we now know, this isn’t exactly how things panned out… Further Teasers Pusha looks like some sort of alien on the clean version of MNIMN. Arts and music programs are routinely the first casualty in schools facing budget crises, specifically institutions in at-risk communities that directly benefit from access to safe environments and developmental opportunities.". It isn't the most beautiful thing they've ever done, but it definitely is eye-catching. Once again it's the minimalism Kanye, and now DONDA, have become known for, while still being visually-arresting and clean. Still not sure why the album was not released as planed. The real winner here is the colors extracted from a photo of Sean, as the neon lights create some sort of alien-like aesthetic. Don Cannon and Kanye West laced Pusha T with quite a beat for "Numbers on the Boards." [Peep hourly for the latest news!] Subreddit dedicated to news, theories, and … Cinematographer Arthur Jafa prematurely revealed the project during an Instagram Live stream on May 25, 2020, in talk with fashion designer Michèle Lamy. It's obvious they wanted the music to speak for itself, as the 'no artwork' cover is a parody of itself. Kanye West Finally Reveals 'DONDA' Album Cover Art – It's a full-circle moment for Kanye West to have produced beats on Jay Z's The Blueprint and then have his creative agency create the artwork for Nicki Minaj's album called The Pinkprint. The cover art alone might ignite the imagination. Kanye West executive produced John Legend's fourth album Love in the Future. The album follows Kanye’s 2019 October album ‘Jesus Is King.’ However, the album did not release on this date. During the stream, Jafa indicated that he was working on video-related material with West for a single from a "forthcoming album" titled God's Country. Kanye West shared the cover art for "Donda" on Twitter, Saturday. Kanye shares Donda album cover (Picture: Rex) While we all wait patiently for the actual album to drop, Kanye West has at least teased us with the cover art for his new music project, Donda… Kanye hyping Donda all week then not dropping…, Me getting ready to look surprised at 12:01AM that Kanye West didn't drop his album on time #DONDA, Kanye at the studio at 12:00 when he was supposed to upload DONDA, OMGGGG KANYE WEST DROPPED DONDA, Kanye fans at midnight when Donda doesn't drop, Kanye West really about to have me listening to Logic until Donda drops…, Everyone: *Staying up all night waiting for Donda to release*Meanwhile, POV: Me trying to convince Kanye to drop Donda 07/25/20 ∙ 6:47 PM. Chris Goossens hmmm… #KanyeWest #DONDA Rocking Lil Uzi Vert tunes all day. -Amaar, Drake’s FaceTime Interrupts Raptors Press Conference, "Funny part is there was a lot of talk recently that Kyle Lowry was going to get traded. Mike WiLL's beat sounds royal, and the music video accompanies that vibe. The colourful artwork was … This is one of the more intricate, less-minimal outputs by the creative agency. Find your thing. Kanye West has delivered the album cover for his forthcoming record, ‘Donda’, the release date of which is now unclear.. The geometric ornaments were seemingly inspired by the Watch The Throne artwork designed by Riccardo Tisci, but the real winner is the well-endowed woman that's the focal point. Kanye West has revealed a new cover art for his forthcoming album ‘Donda.’ The project was scheduled to hit streaming platforms, July 24, but somehow failed to see the light of day. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. 27.3k members in the WestSubEver community. West took things even further by sharing the project’s tracklisting. The actual cover art was designed by DONDA member Joe … DaniLeigh Cries Out For Help Over Her Broken Heart, "Breakups are tough, but at the same time... easy to be selfish as a fan and expect some good music out of it!" -Amaar, Benny Blanco Recounts Accidentally Kissing Beyoncé At JAY-Z’s House, "Benny might have been better not remembering this at all. The barcode worked as a way to pre-order the album if you scanned it with an Amazon app. It's become iconic in and of itself, with recent albums covers mimicking the concept- think Nipsey Hussle's Mailbox Money and Rick Ross' Hood Billionaire. To introduce them, "Donda’s House, Inc. was designed to provide access to premium arts instruction to youth. #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert #Kanye, A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Jul 25, 2020 at 3:28pm PDT. -Cyrus, DaniLeigh Puts In Studio Work At Her House, "Every singer/rapper who can afford it should have a studio at home. “DONDA” is a song by Kanye West named after his later mother, Donda West, who died on November 10, 2007. Kanye West has revealed the cover art for his upcoming album, Donda, which was originally planned to release Friday. -Amaar, Bobby Shmurda: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Brooklyn’s Prodigal Son, "Still hyped over Bobby being back!" Featuring ultra-modern cover art, the 20-track effort was ambitious sonically and visually, like most of the projects DONDA has been involved with. You won't find Lil Wayne's album art on their website, but you will find a whole bunch of information about the collective. more like Donde esta la album Mr. West?”. Donda? A Complete List Of Kanye West's DONDA-Designed Music Artwork. A little extra jacket on top of the chains gives the record just enough distinction from the original, while still letting you know that it's very much the same album. His vision helped propel A$AP Rocky to the mainstream some years ago. Taking that VHS-style that we saw on the A$AP Rocky album, DONDA made some stand-out artwork for Big Sean's single off the 2013 album Hall of Fame. While there isn't exactly 'album art' to talk about here, the packaging was just as eye-popping and unique as the DONDA album covers. Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox. -Amaar, HBO Star Craig ‘MuMs’ Grant a.k.a. Welcome to /r/WESTSUBEVER. Wow." -Cyrus, This Is Kanye West’s New DONDA Album Cover Art, on This Is Kanye West’s New DONDA Album Cover Art, Biz Markie Hospitalized For Weeks + Reps Address Coronavirus Speculation: “He’s Receiving The Best Care”, Casanova 2x Gets Freaky AF W/ Swaggy Jazzy In A Jacuzzi Surrounded By People: “Sharks In The Water”, Watch: WondaGurl Signs W/ Travis Scott, KimYe Drama Problems Explained, Chris Rock Parodies Outkast, Look: Kanye West Makes Rare Twitter Return To Remember Kobe Bryant W/ Throwback Studio Pic - "Appreciate The Life You've Lived". The red sticker and coverless disc became instantly iconic, pushing the boundaries from a visual standpoint while the music helped to shape the next era of hip-hop to come. ‘Donda: With Child’ Album Release Date. by Akaash. Read: Check out “DONDA” Tracklist. . The 2 Chainz imagery came to a boil with the cover of his debut full-length. And the cover for Hall of Fame was just as tropically-colored and eye-catching as the "Guap" art was. Plies hinted at the recent online drama possibly being a consistent trend for plugging a new studio project. Earlier in the week, Kanye shocked fans with a new album announcement. A Complete List Of Kanye West's DONDA-Designed Music Artwork Patti Smith, 'Horses' (1975) Aside from the critical acclaim for Smith's beat poetry-infused lyrics … Their ambition has become the gold standard for creativity in hip-hop, prompting us to take a look at their input thus far. Oz’s Poet Has Died, "I remember MuMs and Big Rube from the Dungeon Family brought that serious poetry to hip-hop in the late-1990s. Featuring a gold-plated Horus the Falcon holding two an ankh in each hand, the 18th Dynasty looks and feels epic and lavish. -Hanan, Kash Doll Shows Off Serious Steppin’ Skills, "Rapping, acting, dancing ... Kash Doll is multi-talented, for real." And since it's Ye, it's about as minimal as you can get. Abloh is also credited as an Creative Director in the credits of ASAP Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.ASAP. By using this site, you agree to our: D'angelo To Perform On Saturday Night Live, Slim Thug Shares "Hogg Life: The Beginning" Tracklist, Kim Kardashian unveiled the cover of her "Selfish" book. However, Yeezy did drop off the album's artwork over the weekend. DONDA: WITH CHILD new album and movie this Friday, DND: WTH CHLD this Friday Besides running for the Presidency of the country, Kanye West has revealed the cover and track listing of his forthcoming album Donda.The album was originally planned to be released on July 24 but has been delayed. While little is really known about the movements of DONDA and their relationship to hip-hop, it is apparent that through a recent string of album art designs that they are fixed on bringing 'art' back to hip-hop music. “Donda? On June 26, 2020, following the announcement of a collaboration between West's fashion company Yeezy and clothing retailer Gap, West launched the #WESTDAYEVER promotional campaign on Twitterto announc… Ye shared his latest solo effort’s epic-looking cover artwork. First of all it wouldn't be right if we didn't send an RIP out to Yams. -Cyrus, Ari Fletcher Gives Glimpse At Moneybagg Yo’s Real Hair, "This couple needs either a reality show or wedding in the near future" -Cyrus, Nas’ Classic Album Gets Iconic Recognition, "If there was a rap album Hall of Fame, Illmatic is a first-ballot inductee." An eerie, blood red butterfly with a skull in the center is a fairly jolting image, and the GIF version (also pictured above) was even less settling although more ambitious. more like Donde esta la album Mr. West? Aesthetically it definitely sticks out, and the ultra-minimalist approach worked for Pusha as DONDA did it again. The album art features an infrared scheme of … It's like athletes having a home gym." Stay tuned for full album review as soon as the album releases. Kanye West's next album was expected to drop on Friday but in typical Kanye fashion the release has been pushed back. His cap and braids are barely visible, making it both eerie and captivating. The album is scheduled to release on Friday, July 22, 2020. Just five days later, Kanye announced that the overall name of the album had been changed to DONDA, too. He also gave fans the most hotly-anticipated update – the release date. you know something….. lol @plies low-key admitting this all might be for clout…. Throughout Friday morning, people went to their Twitter pages to go off on Ye’s DONDA delay. 215 votes, 15 comments. Today, Kanye West shares the “DONDA” Album cover … Kanye West Reveals Track Listing and Cover of ‘Donda’ Album. DONDA put the track's title in neon lights, while decorating what looks like black plant leaves (resembling Wayne's hair) with the butterflies that the album art was based around. She suffered complications following the cosmetic surgery procedures she The over art is kinda spooky, with no lettering whatsoever to tell the title of the album, the artiste behind it, or the guests in it. The creative agency that is DONDA is a multi-discipline company, they not only design artwork for some of your favorite rappers, they've branched out beyond that to design complete tour sets (the first being the "Watch The Throne" tour with Kanye and Jay Z), and they were also behind the guerilla marketing campaign for "New Slaves" -- and just today Kim Kardashian unveiled the cover of her "Selfish" book which was, you guessed it, helmed by Yeezy and DONDA. Nonetheless, this list focuses on single and album artwork that have been commissioned by DONDA.

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